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Crandall Coffee Roasters is located in the beautiful rural community of Kettle Falls, Washington on the spectacular shores of Lake Roosevelt.  It’s here on our family farm that we endeavor to produce a coffee of excellent quality and taste to share with all of you!

We are a small family operated company that enjoys providing a fresh, quality product for you to enjoy.  That’s why each roast is tediously tended to by our master roaster to ensure proper roast each and every time.  All our coffee is roasted in small batches in a Diedrich infrared roaster that ensures an even roast to every bean.  Our close attention to detail results in a quality specialty coffee that we are confident you will enjoy.

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Here is an overview of some of the things you will find here…

New from the blog:

Welcome to our new website!

coffee_cherries_final-copyWelcome to the newly updated Crandall Coffee website.  Thanks to the prodding from the next generation we found a web designer who helped us to bring our site into a new look and function.Browse and respond as we want to get your input as to how we did.

11 Responses to “Welcome to our new website!”

  1. Nathan Peck says:

    Huge improvement! Glad to see that it launched successfully and looks nice. have you guys done the write-up for “From Bag to Cup”? I only see a picture when I open that tab. Guessing its still in the process of getting posted.

    Nice work!


  2. Maria says:

    Love your brew. My sister gave me a lb of your coffee and I have been a fan ever since. Thanks for providing excellent, organic, reasonably priced coffee.

  3. Roy says:

    You seem to know just when my coffee container is to the board’s. Keep that GREAT Meyer’s Falls blend comin’.
    John and Janet-you are the best

  4. Jerrad says:

    Awesome site now! Looks really great. Hope to see you guys soon. :)

  5. Jerrad says:

    Wheres the facebook link?

  6. Bill and Myrna Barton says:

    We like the new website. Really enjoyed the photo’s! There is nothing like a hot cup of Crandall coffee on a cold, windy Kodiak morning. Keep up the good work.

  7. Liz says:

    Love the new website – I agree with Jerrad – where’s the Facebook link? Love to repost for you!

  8. Libby Fisher says:

    Hi everyone,

    This is Libby Fisher, I am the web designer and developer for CrandallCoffee.com. Just letting you know that we have now added a Facebook like button. :)



  9. Amy Hill says:

    John and Janet, your website looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Jean Hays says:

    Our introduction to Crandall Coffee happened when we stopped by on our way to BullHill — years ago. We brought a bag of Sumatra back to Seattle as a souvenir. When we brewed it — it knocked our socks off. Thank God John and Janet have been willing to keep us supplied via mail ever since. (also various family members.) Each year when we plan our family reunion — first question is where we’ll meet — The second one is “who’s bringing the Crandall Coffee?”

  11. David Peck says:

    I recently returned from Kolkata, India where I discovered that Crandall Coffee has made a significant impression! Last year I gave Crandall’s Ethiopian and Lovitt’s Blend coffees as gifts. My hosts commented on the coffee and “Crandalls”, by name! Crandall Coffee is my #1 ‘host gift’ whenever I travel!

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